5 Courageous Facts about Asking for Help

Did you ever think that asking for help and working with a therapist is courageous? Do you think you can feel loved, cared for, strong, happy, and safe without judging yourself or worrying what others will think of you? Many people are afraid to take the first step of asking for help, but know that taking that first step of reaching out to a therapist takes a lot of courage.

As I shared on my previous blog post, “When is it the Right Time to Start Therapy?, I mentioned that there is no wrong time to start therapy. Here are 5 facts about why you are courageous in taking that first step of asking for help:

  1. You give yourself the option to take credit for your strengths rather than consistently asking “what is wrong with me?” Instead you will be working towards “I am ok as I am.”
  2. You acknowledge that is not ok to be treated poorly in any way, verbally, physically, or emotionally. “I deserve to be loved.”
  3. You stop feeling bad or guilty for being treated poorly. This is common particularly when we are involved in a challenging marriage, difficult work environment, or when you have to make difficult decisions. You acknowledge that  it is time to stop sweeping things under the rug.

  4. You acknowledge that experiencing and witnessing difficulties now or in the past makes you stronger, not worthless. You will begin to say, “I am worthy of being happy.”

  5. You take the opportunity to express yourself without feeling like you did something wrong. This develops trust in yourself. “I can trust myself.”

I look forward to joining you on this new journey. Going to therapy is not about being told what you should do to “fix” the problem, it is about taking control of what you are experiencing and I am here to help.

Contact me today and together we will make the change happen.

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