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5 Courageous Facts about Asking for Help

Did you ever think that asking for help and working with a therapist is courageous? Do you think you can feel loved, cared for, strong, happy, and safe without judging yourself or worrying what others will think of you? Many people are afraid to take the first step of asking for help, but know that […]

I Am Happy As I Am

How many times, when you look back at the things you have done, do you wonder what would have happened if you would have done something different? How many times when you think about your future, do you wonder if your priorities or concerns about work, relationships, health, time for leisure, traffic, among others will […]

It’s OK to Be Sad

Some days we feel good, very motivated, grateful, or excited. But let’s be honest – there are other days that we may not feel like getting out of bed, we feel nostalgic, tired, and that everything is “bad”, or we are not sure what is going on with our lives. Do any of these sound […]