I Am Happy As I Am

How many times, when you look back at the things you have done, do you wonder what would have happened if you would have done something different?

How many times when you think about your future, do you wonder if your priorities or concerns about work, relationships, health, time for leisure, traffic, among others will matter to you in the same way?

I can’t tell you how many times I ask myself those questions on a regular basis, especially when things don’t go as I expect. But I know it’s part of who I am and, thanks to EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), I know those questions come from a part of me who finds its meaning or purpose by worrying a lot.

As a therapist I have the honor to witness and support many of my clients who come to see me because they found themselves asking those questions on a regular basis and it was affecting many aspects of their life. These questions are common when symptoms of depression or anxiety are present. It also happens when a client is questioning the relationship with his/her parents now and when they were children.

In this process your become aware of the role of many individuals (relatives and/or friends) and the effect of their actions in your life. You become mentally aware that the effect or outcome of these relationships may have not been the most loving, kind, and respectful as you imagined or expected. I like to refer to this as a healing process. During this process, I also assist and support my clients to cope with many conflicting emotions. I implement EMDR to help them.

Through the process my clients are able to feel loved by themselves because they realize the challenging situations or traumatic events in some cases are over. Now they have the tools to recognize what makes a situation difficult and know how to deal with it. Thanks to EMDR, I know the part of me who likes to worry. It’s the part who wants to be a good individual in all aspects of my life without taking credit for my good work.

“I am happy as I am ” is one of the positive cognitions used in EMDR to help clients within this process. EMDR considers 8 phases; phase 5 is the Installation phase in which the positive cognition is processed using sensory stimulation. This process is unique for everyone and I am honored to be part of this healing journey with my clients.

I know EMDR can be so helpful because it gives us the opportunity to choose to be safe, loved, cared, or happy with you. This doesn’t mean that life is “perfect”, but we are able to expand mental awareness about who we are and the reason we feel the way we do.

There are more benefits of EMDR and I will love for you to benefit from it if needed and it’s appropriate. You can also learn more at https://counselorcarmen.com/emdr-therapy/ and http://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/to learn more about it.

If you have any questions about this amazing intervention and how it is so powerful to treat depression, generalized anxiety disorder, grief, PTSD, trauma caused by sexual, emotional, verbal abuse, work relate distress, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, or personality disturbances due to trauma, among others let me know. I am a certified EMDR clinician and have been using this intervention and others for years and will be happy to help.

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