Policies and Fees

  • This document contains important and useful information about my practice, Longwood Therapy LLC, the service it provides and its policies.

    At anytime, I welcome any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have.

    Carmen Gehrke, LMHC is the sole provider of this practice.


    $135.00 per 50-minute individual session

    $150.00 per 50-minute couples therapy session

    If you are a new client, please contact me to learn about my introduction package.



    Carmen Gehrke, is an “in network provider” with Cigna and Compsych only. If you have a health plan with a different company like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, or Humana, I am considered an “out of network provider”. 

    The client is responsible for contacting your insurance company to learn if you have “out of network benefits”. You are aware that payment for services is expected at time of services.



    Some plans have “out-of-network” benefits. Depending on eligibiliy, you may get partially or totally reimbursed for the services you receive from a provider who is not in-network. If this is the case, I am happy to provide you with the documentation to submit a claim to your insurance. Please keep mind that payment for my services is expected at time of service.

    I strongly recommend that you call your insurance company prior to making an appointment. Every plan is different.



    Unless you have scheduled online or have purchased a package of bundled sessions, fees are payable at the beginning of each session by cash, check, credit, or debit cards. The fees to process credit card payments are high for a small business. If you prefer to pay using a credit of debit card, a fee of 2% will be applied. Please pay with cash or check to avoid this extra expense.

    Delinquent accounts will be sent to a collection agency and will include a $25 collection fee. Credit cards charges that don’t go through will be subject to a $50 fee. In these cases, the only information that will be released is your name, the services provided, and the amount due.



    I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please notify me at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to reschedule or cancel.

    If you notify me less than 24 hours before your appointment to reschedule or cancel, you will be required to pay a fee of $90.00, which will be automatically charged, to the credit card Carmen Gehrke has on file for you.

    Please contact me via phone to cancel, reschedule, or to let me know you will be late. If you prefer to use text or email, or if you leave a voicemail, I will always confirm receiving your message. If you don’t get a confirmation from me, it means I did not get your message and you will be held to this policy.



    Sessions are 50 minutes long. Longer sessions can be scheduled if needed. I will let you know when there are 5 minutes left in the session. We need to end on-time out of respect for all clients who are scheduled to be seen that day.

    If you arrive late, your appointment will end at the scheduled time. If you will be more than 10 minutes late, please let me know via phone. Otherwise, I will assume that you are not coming and the cancelation policy will be applied.



    On occasion, there may be a need to have contact outside the normal 50-minute session. For your convenience, you can contact me by email, text, or phone.

    • Email and text message:

    In order to protect confidentiality, I request email and/or text message only to be used to schedule or confirm appointments since it is not a secure way to communicate.

    • Phone calls:

    If I am not available to take your call, or if it is after hours (5:00pm), please leave a

    Voicemail message and I will get back to you within 24 hours. If you leave a message or send an email on a weekend, I will get back to you on Monday.

    • Emergencies: f you have an emergency, please call 911 or go to the emergency room of a hospital. The Suicide Prevention line is 1800-273-8255.
    • Out of the office for extended periods of time: I will provide you with the contact informaiton of a colleague who will be able to assist in case is necessary.


    Telephone consultations, reports, and letters to other professionals will be provided as a courtesy at no fee if they are infrequent and require less than 20 minutes. Most services requiring more time, such as reports, or letters have a fee of $160 per hour.



    Court appearances, including travel and waiting time, are $200.00 per hour. You should discuss with me before sending a subpoena, as I can most often be expected to refuse to give personal opinions or to divulge therapy details in court. The client or parent whose attorney issues a subpoena must pay $200 in advance of a court appearance, which will be refunded if I am notified with 48 hours notice that the appearance is not needed.



    I am aware of the role of social media in our lives. Because of that please note my policies regarding the use of social media between you, my practice, and myself.

    Carmen Gehrke, LMHC doesn’t accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients on any social networking site (e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc). Doing it could bring confidentiality matters.

    My practice “Longwood Therapy LLC” keeps a Facebook and Twitter account. The goal is to share the share the services my practice provides and useful tools and sources that can help my clients to reach the goals that brought them to my office. Please note that the information I post on social media is public. This means if you “like”, “share”, “follow” my postings your confidentially becomes compromised.

    Longwood Therapy LLC and Carmen Gehrke, LMHC use search engines such Google, yelp, Psychology Today, Healthgrades, among others to market. Please be mindful that some of these listings offer the option to place a business review or to participate in discussions. It is your choice to participate but please be aware that if you do, your confidentiality could be compromised. If you feel strongly about writing a review or participating in a discussion, I suggest using a pseudonym.

    Finally, due to confidentiality, I won't be able to respond to your “reviews” or participation in any discussion.

    I thank you in advance for you time reviewing these policies and I welcome any questions you may have. In the case of any changes, you will be notified in writing.

    I understand and agree to all of the above: