Carmen is great-the true epitome of the gold standard of a healthcare provider! She is very personable, knowledgeable, and easy-to-talk-to. She is thorough and very effective at providing meaningful counsel that helps you to improve your quality of life. Empowering; I’m appreciative and grateful for her work as a therapist

Individual Counseling ClientMarch 2017

I am truly grateful for my experience working with Carmen over the past two years. She assisted me with developing problem-solving techniques and reflection processes related to my anxiety. She has prepared me to persevere through my current anxiety and has prepared me to tackle obstacles in the future. I would highly recommend Carmen to family, friends, and anyone who is seeking counseling assistance.”

Individual Counseling ClientDecember 2016

Carmen is so easy to talk to about anything. She made me feel very comfortable talking about my feelings, helping me to cope, teaching me the skills I need to work through my “dark times”. She helped me to discover myself by working through my past, my grieving, & my fears. I honestly don’t know where I would be had I not had Carmen to turn to, trusting in her totally. She is patient, understanding, & kind. I will miss her as a friend & a lifeline.”

Individual Counseling ClientSeptember 2016

I cannot speak highly enough of Carmen. She was caring and kind and very attentive to my needs. She was very skilled in treating me and used different methods to produce positive results in my treatment. I cannot imagine being in the place I am now without our work together.

Individual Counseling ClientSeptember 2016

Carmen made me feel very comfortable from my initial phone conversation and first visit. She is extremely kind, thoughtful and non-judgmental. I feel that she listens to everything I say and then helps me to understand how to work through it. She is easy to talk to and allows you to open up. I accomplished a lot in my personal life working with her. I would highly recommend her.

Female, Individual Counseling ClientApril 2016

My husband and I found Carmen extremely helpful. She was a very good listener, gave great advice and always seemed to give us all her attention. I would highly recommend Carmen!

Couples CounselingMarch 2016