Trauma (PTSD) Therapy

Whether what you are experiencing relates to symptoms of PTSD, or to that “difficult time” in your life, you can’t just “get over it” regardless of how hard you try, and it’s affecting how you function in life. Many people who have experienced trauma engage in therapy to address symptoms of depression, panic, anxiety, or other issues. Because of that, working with a trained trauma therapist is essential in order to start the healing process. We can work together to help you start living the life you want.

I have helped many clients who have had low self-esteem, struggled to engage in healthy relationships, were unable to pursue professional goals, or constantly engaged in negative self talk and thoughts. Their feelings were so overwhelming, physically and emotionally, that they couldn’t seem to move forward no matter how hard they tried. As we engage in the counseling process, in a supportive, caring manner I assist and empower my clients to recognize their feelings, whether they are comfortable or uncomfortable, so they can learn to self soothe and be OK with what they are experiencing. It is a challenging and healing process that ultimately helps adults cope with the effects of trauma and to move on with their lives. Learning how to understand, process, and cope with your feelings is freedom.

Childhood Trauma

When children witness or experience an event or periods of time of neglect, physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal abuse we talk about childhood trauma. The occurrence of trauma during childhood increases the lifetime risk for depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and other mental health issues.

When a child is the victim of abuse, he/she tries to find ways to make sense of it in order to feel loved and safe. This could mean accepting being hurt physically, verbally or emotionally or protecting or taking care of one parent if the other one is abusive, among others. As the child grows up the way he/she learned to cope with the abuse during childhood doesn’t necessarily help heal the wounds of trauma and can present both professional and personal challenges as an adult. Some people live in the shadows of trauma for so long that when they engage in therapy they don’t even know they were exposed to abuse.

If you identify yourself with any of these situations, give me a call and lets start working on this. I look forward to hearing from you.

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