When is it the Right Time to Start Therapy?

There is no wrong time to start therapy. In my last blog post, “4 Common Excuses for Not Going to Therapy“, I discussed why some people might be hesitant to go see a therapist. Unfortunately most people wait to call a therapist until they are in crisis, and at that point it’s crisis management and it’s more difficult to get to the root of the matter and begin genuine healing. It’s fixing a problem, not preventing one. When people are in denial for so long – denial about their relationships or need for therapy – the problems build up and eventually lead to crisis. But that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out to a therapist during a crisis. Seeking help – at any point – is courageous.

When a client comes to my office for the first time, my main goal is to assess what brings you here. I will ask some questions and listen. I will listen to you with care, professionalism, and respect. Then, I will ask more questions and will listen again. 

You will be asked questions like:

  • How long have been feeling this way?
  • When did you start feeling like this?
  • Do you think this is a pattern?
  • Do you feel like this all the time or just in certain places and/or around certain people?
  • How would you like to see yourself instead?

You will be invited to assess your problem from a physical and emotional point of view. For some people anger feels like something is boiling inside them, sadness is like a “dark day,” and worry feels like a sharp stomachache. The goal by listening and asking all of these questions is not to “solve” the problem. It is for you to recognize that just by making the decision to ask for help is a giant step towards changing what is not working for you and so you can begin to heal.

You will leave my office with a more clear idea on how you want to feel. You will begin to feel ok, happy, satisfied, secure, and lovable and know that you deserve it.

It’s a lot of hard work to engage in this journey. Please know how courageous it is to ask for help. In my next blog post I will outline 5 Courageous Facts about Asking for Help. In the mean time, I encourage you to “contact me” for additional support.

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